Silent Air Taxi

The Silent Air Taxi (SAT) is a modern aircraft for up to four passengers with a cruising speed of over 300 km/h and a range of 1,000 km, which is currently being developed by the e.SAT GmbH in Aachen. It features an innovative boxwing and a unique hybrid electric (e) drivetrain. This allows short take-off distances from almost any runway.


  • Groundbreaking noise reduction for residents and passengers

    The overflight of a Silent Air Taxi is indiscernible from every-day background nois

    • Ultra low-noise fan
    • Extensive soundproofing of the drivetrain
    • Aero-acoustically optimized design of the entire aircraft
  • Low acquisition and operating costs make individual air travel affordable

    Any destination inland for the price of a 1st class train ticket

    • The Space Frame, mass-produced motors and an assembly similar to that of a normal car keep acquisition costs low
    • Systematic design to keep operating and maintenance costs to a minimum
    • Low-consumption motors and hybridization at optimum operating points keep energy costs low
  • Developed to comply with highest regulatory standards

    The Silent Air Taxi creates a particularly high level of safety by way of drivetrain redundancies, as well as simplified controls

    • Approved and developed in compliance with the latest international regulations for the aviation industry
    • Particularly easy operation due to a high level of automation
    • High redundancy in the overall system of the aircraft
  • Straight to your destination, conveniently without waiting times or detours

    Business trip, shuttle flight or short vacation: The Silent Air Taxi ensures a relaxed and fast journey

    • No waiting times before departure or at the baggage claim, as the Silent Air Taxi can land at any airfield near metropolitan areas
    • Premium-quality seats, easy entry and exit, plenty of legroom and large panoramic windows for added passenger comfort
    • Low noise emissions mean you can relax during your flight or concentrate on your work without any need for earphones
    • Minimum travel time (door to door) between your individual start and end point
  • The perfect mix of performance and efficiency

    The best of both worlds: Dynamic, safe, efficient and at the same time good for our environment

    • Hybrid drive: Intelligent combination of combustion and electric motors
    • Optimal operating points of each motor at take-off, climb and during cruise flight ensure a high overall efficiency
    • Fast charging batteries for short ground times
  • Take-off and landing on short runways and at any time of day

    Last-minute changes to departure time and destination are no problem

    • The Silent Air Taxi allows an economically attractive air taxi operation
    • The powerful hybrid drive requires a take-off run of less than 400 meters, which makes it suitable for virtually any airfield
    • No fixed routes, with travel groups or single passengers the destination can still be changed in the air

Timeline / Roadmap